Why are Cats Afraid of Balloons?

All living beings have been carrying the burden of fear of the unknown in their minds since the beginning of creation. Just as everyone has a fear of something, there is also a way to always overcome it.

Cats are also no exception. Cats in particular are afraid of something when they do not understand or find an explanation for it.

Of all the things cats are afraid of, balloons are probably the most interesting. Well, are cats really scared to see balloons? I guess they’re. But even so, why are cats afraid of balloons? One might easily wonder. So, let’s find out the secret behind it.

Are cats really afraid of balloons?

Although not all cats are afraid of balloons, many cats are afraid of it because to them it is an unknown flying object or a living creature. Cats naturally do not realize that there is a gas lighter than air that causes helium-filled balloons to fly. Since balloons do not belong to any category of prey or predators, cats do not understand its behavior. So some cats avoid balloons to protect themselves.

It is natural for all creatures to have anxiety or be afraid about something unknown. Even If cats are predatory species, fear still lingers in their minds.

Although it sounds very strange, some cats are actually very scared of balloons and if any balloon flies around them, they immediately start running or jumping to escape from it. 

The reason behind this fear is very simple and that is when we see balloons at a party, our initial thought may be that it is a colorful, fun, and joyful thing.

But to cats, it can be a terrifying airborne monster. When a balloon inflates and is subject to air currents in a house, it can fly and move, making it look like a living creature to a cat. 

So let’s look at it from the point of view of a cat, if there is an unknown thing that can fly and move around the house, then, of course, it is something to be very afraid of. Whenever they see a balloon hovering over them, the cats may think it is trying to attack them.

As a result, they get scared and try to keep themselves safe.

How To Overcome The Fear of Balloons

To overcome this fear of balloons, your cats will have to confront flying balloons again and again. For example, when we see something we are afraid of, we deal with it by confronting it. In the case of your Fellin friend, you have to take the same approach. 

The way to get rid of your cat’s fear is to tape on one side of a quarter of a balloon and release it. It will give the balloon enough weight to keep it about one foot below the ceiling.

As wind will lift it up slowly, it is going to fly and move on its own, holding the helium. When the cat becomes accustomed to seeing flying balloons, it will never be afraid to see them again.

What are Cats Afraid of

The truth is, cats are afraid of many things that usually seem very normal to us. Notable among these are water, pungent odors, cucumbers, restraints, balloons, and loud noises.

Many of the names on this list may have already surprised you, but there are plenty of examples to prove that cats are afraid of the things mentioned above.

They usually let us know through a compressed, almost ear-piercing meow or growling when they are scared. If your cat is making such noises, be sure to look around to see if the cat is afraid of anything.

If you are interested to know more about what cats want to say when they meow back at us, take a look at our article Why do cats meow back at us

Who would have thought of animals that could jump into a tree and hunt to fear such things ?

5 Things Cats are afraid of

We should let you know before we bring you the things that cats are afraid of. This is not an instruction on how to scare a cat.

Rather cats can easily be frightened and terrified. Intentionally intimidating them will not only exacerbate this concern, but it will also threaten their overall well-being and weaken the bonds you share with them.

It is also important to note that not all cats are equally intimidated by the names on this list. Some may even like things that are usually frightening to other cats. It emphasizes how important it is to know the personality of your cat.

  1. Water

Cats usually hate water a lot. Even if just a few drops of water fall on their body, it can cause a lot of anger. This may seem like an awkward reaction to an animal that likes to stay clean but their fear of water can be thought to have come from their wild ancestors.

Although most cats are capable of swimming, many prefer not to do so. However, it is better not to let them swim because they may panic and even drown.

Although cats are very clean animals, there are times when they may need a bath. This is if they have become particularly dirty by the debris, if something toxic has fallen on their fur or if they have been hurt.

In these instances, you need to make sure it is designed to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible. Introduce the water gradually and reassure each point with positive reinforcement. It is best done as a two-person task and staying calm is essential.

A few cats will enjoy freely entering the water, while some kittens are well known for enjoying a little water interaction without fear. Maine Coon, Siamese, and Bengal cats often enjoy interacting with the water and can paddle even in shallow baths if given the opportunity.

  1. Pungent Odors

Not only dogs but also cats are very sensitive animals. Canines have an incredible sense of smell and it is true that it is better than the reaction of felines. They pay attention to the odor of their environment and react strongly to various pheromones. 

Cats will love some flavors such as those provided by catnip. However, they get a lot of pleasure from smelling the things that they like very much. This feeling of joy is much more than the smell of things they hate that makes them unhappy. 

The pungent odor is especially unpleasant for cats. These include vinegar, onions, gasoline, certain alcoholic beverages, citrus fruits, and others. Some cats are so sensitive that even the long-lasting scent in the air can make them afraid. However, that is not always the case. Some cats also like the smell of lemon.

  1. Restraints

Cats are very unrestrained animals. This does not mean that they do not like affection and that they enjoy spending time with human companions. On the other hand, if they do not want to focus on something, it is almost impossible to force it on them.

The relationship we have with our cats is progressing. It can also have ups and downs. Just because they like us now doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to damage the relationship. So, we should be very careful about this.

One of the things that can scare cats is when we try to hug them. Slightly soft hugs are usually tolerated while lying down. However, if you try to catch and hug them tightly, most cats will not see it as a sign of affection.

They will think they are being restrained and will be afraid you want to harm them. Cats have different ways of communicating with people, so it is important for us to understand that they will have trouble learning the language and identifying them.

  1. Cucumbers

Whether it is a noise, balloons or strong odor, cats don’t like surprises. There are many fruits and vegetables that can create the same impulse for cats. Cucumber is one of them. We think of cucumbers as a cotyledon object that doesn’t seem scary in any way.

To a cat, their texture, color, and shape look like any natural predator such as a snake or other reptile. If your cat sees a cucumber and does not want to be near them, it may think they are going to attack.

Bananas and squash are also notable fruits that make them afraid. In general, scaring your cat in this way is impolite and can create unnecessary anxiety, so you are advised to keep these things in a fruit bowl where they usually belong.

  1. Loud Noises

Cats have a well-developed sense of hearing and are usually quite good at it. They need intense understanding to spend time outside. In wild areas, cats are often solitary animals and hunters need to be vigilant if they approach a moment of danger. This means they are sensitive and often afraid of common sounds in their environment.


After all, cats are very unique and confident animals. However, the truth is that they are actually afraid of a lot of things. We took this time to tell you in detail about the things that cats are afraid of and how you can avoid them. Unfortunately, some people who are aware of these things are still abusing them. This is extremely cruel and we request you not to do it.

Finally, we know why cats are afraid of balloons. Now it’s your turn to comment and let us know what else your cat is afraid of.

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