Why do cats like being slapped? 6 shocking reasons you won’t believe!!

Cats are indeed the most fascinating and mysterious creatures. They often surprise us with their quirky behavior. One of these behaviors is their apparent enjoyment of being slapped, especially on their cute little bums!!

If you have ever watched videos of cats online, you might have noticed that some of them seem to really enjoy it, when their owner gently spanks them on their back or slapped them on their butt. 

But wait, why do they like this seemingly rough gesture? Is it because they are getting attention from their owner, pleasure, or something else??

Well, if you are looking for these answers, then you are in the right place!! Stay with us, and keep exploring all the amazing and unbelievable reasons for cats’ peculiar liking!! Let’s jump in….

Do cats really like being slapped?

Yeah, as we said, you might have watched videos or shorts of cats being slapped on their back or sides. You may be wondering why they seem to like it. Some cats arch their back, purr loudly, and even ask for more!! Do they really like it or just tolerate it? 

Well, before we get to the answer to these questions, let’s explore the difference between slapping and spanking. Slapping, usually done with an open hand or small harmless objects(e.g, papers), on the other hand, spanking is done with a close hand or larger object(e.g, stick).  

So, yes, some cats do like being slapped on their back or bum if it’s done in an appropriate way, obviously!! 

However, there are some factors that influence a cat’s preference for slapping-

  • Breed: Some long-haired breeds, like Persians or Maine coons, may have thicker fur, more tolerant to slapping. While short-hair breeds, like Siamese or Abyssinian, may have thinner fur, making slapping noticeable. 
  • Gender: Some studies show that a female cat in heat is likely to enjoy being slapped in the bum. In contrast, male cats can be a little aggressive while slapping if they aren’t satisfied with mating. 
  • Mood: It’s an important factor you should keep in mind while slapping a cat’s back. For example, if they are feeling relaxed, fun or playful, they might enjoy it. But if they are stressed or hungry, then it’s a Red Flag! Don’t try to slap their butt!
  • Personality: Personality traits can be a vital role in cats like being slapped. For example, some cats who have distant or fearful bonding with their owner, slapping will make them wary.  

Overall, the best way to tell if your cat likes or dislikes being slapped is to observe their body languages, vocalization, and behavior. 

Why do some cats like physical contact?

Have you ever wondered why some cats like physical contact like cuddling, rubbing, petting, or even slapped!! From the previous section, we know that some cats really like being slapped. But why is that? Don’t worry, dear reader. Let’s uncover some shocking reasons behind their liking- 

  1. Slapping gives cats massaging effects. Just like humans, they have muscles and tendons that can get tense or sore. Therefore, slapping can help loosen up these muscles and stimulate blood circulation, as well as it reduces stress.  
  1. You’re giving your cat extra attention. Cats are social animals, and they crave attention and affection. When you slap them, they think you’re giving them more attention, and want to play with them. Sometimes this attention can make your feline a little bit dramatic!!
  1. You have trust bonding with your cat. Slapping can be a form of communication between your cat. If they enjoy your slapping, that means your cat trusts you enough to tolerate your quirky behavior. Moreover, slapping can be a sign of mutual friendship, and they may slap you back to do the same. 
  1. It reminds your cat of their kitten-hood. When they are young, they used to play-flight with their siblings, or their mother. Slapping can bring back happy memories for your cats, when they used to bite, scratch and slap each other for fun.
  1. Sometimes slapping helps cat’s back grooming. As some parts of their body are hard to reach, like the back side, or base of the tail. Slapping can help remove dirt, loose fur, and parasites from your cat’s back, making them feel comfortable. 
  1. Finally, it gives them physical satisfaction. Slapping can stimulate cat’s nerves endings in their skin, creating sensations of pleasure and satisfaction. Additionally, it may feel a gentle tickle or mild pain that triggers endorphins in their brain, which make them feel good and reduce pain. 

Some cats may enjoy various forms of physical contact with their owners, including petting, or slapping their back or side. This may be because they feel a strong bond with you, which can lead to obsession. Find out why your cat can be obsessed with you, and also discover the amazing reason why your cat always wants you to pet her, with just one click!!

What kind of slapping do cats like

So, cats do like being slapped. Wait wait! Before you try this experiment on your cat, let’s have a look at “what kind of slapping cats do like”. Otherwise, a wrong step can cost you dearly!!

Cats like or prefer gentle, rhythmic slaps on their back, butt, shoulder blades, and neck. 

The slaps should be gentle enough to not cause pain to your cat. You can start with light touch, gradually increase the pressure until you find the level that cats enjoy. 

Additionally, the frequency of the slaps should match the rhythm of the cat’s breathing or purring. You can vary the frequency to keep the cat interested. A good rule of thumb is to slap once every second or two.

Furthermore, the duration of the slapping session depends on the cat’s mood and interest. You can slap the cat for as long as it enjoys this physical massage, and shows positive signs. 

Here are some tips to read your cat’s body language and signals to know they are enjoying it, and want you to continue. 

  • Look at their eye’s. If your cat has relaxed or half-closed eyes, it means they are feeling comfortable and happy.
  • Look at your cat’s body posture. If it has a relaxed and stretched angle, or they slightly raise their back, it means they are enjoying it, and want you to continue. 
  • Finally, listen to their vocalizations. If your cat purrs loudly, meowing softly when you stop, it means they are having a homely body spa in your lap!!

By paying attention to these cues, you can tell if your cat is enjoying the slapping and wants you to continue or not. [click the link and let’s watch the video to see how this sweet fluffy cat enjoys its butt slapping and wants for more!]

What kind of slapping cats do not like

Well well, Now that we’ve learned what kind of slapping cats do like, let’s find out what kind of slapping makes cats unhappy. Cats do enjoy slapping, if you watched that video, we’ve mentioned in the previous section. But they can also dislike some way of being slapped. 

Cats do not like slapping that is too harsh or hard, too often, too randomly or unpredictably, especially in their sensitive areas like face, ear, belly, and tails. 

Slapping or spanking your cat suddenly or unpredictably, it may trigger negative association or reaction in cats, like confusion, fear, threat, or even injury. They may react by hiding, running away, or behaving aggressively like biting or scratching. It can also cause physical pain if you slap them too hard.  

Here are some signs of your cat’s body language to know when to stop or avoid slapping.

  • If your cat is tense and hissing when you touch them, it may feel annoyed or even threatening by your slapping.
  • If your cat is aloof and ignoring you, it may be bored and not in the mood for being slapped in their furry back. 
  • And if your cats growl when you make your first slap move, dear cat lover, just stop showing your slapping affection right that moment if you don’t want to become your “cat war III” victim!! 

Tips for playing with cats in a fun and safe way

Although you may mean well, slapping or spanking your cat can be upsetting or harmful for them. It’s better to avoid this kind of play when your cat is not in the mood for being slapped on their back. 

Instead, here we offer you some tips for playing with your cats that are safe and enjoyable for them.  

  • Play with your cat every day, preferably at the same time for 10 -15 minutes, when your cat is most active.
  • Use interactive toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts, like feather wands or laser pointers.
  • Understand your cat’s body language to know how long they can play with you. They will display some signs like yawning, walking away, lying down, when they are done with playing.
  • Experiment with different types of play to see what your cat enjoys the most.
  • You can also try some alternative or complementary forms of physical stimulation for cats like scratching, massaging, or brushing.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, some cats do like being slapped, while others don’t. It depends on some factors. However, through this journey we know the amazing reasons behind cats like being slapped, and what kind of slapping cats like and dislike.

As not all cats enjoy slapping or spanking, you should always observe your cat’s reaction, body language to avoid hurting or upsetting them. 

So, have you tried to slap your kitty’s back? If you do, what was her/his reaction? Please, share your experience with us in the comment below, whether it’s good or just a nightmare!!!

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