Why does my cat carry around a toy and meow? A Melodious Mystery

Cats are fascinating creatures with many quirks and habits. We all know that one minute they’re chasing invisible foes, and the next, they’re redecorating your furniture with their expert scratching skills.

But one thing that many cat owners may have  witnessed is their little bundle of joy carrying around a toy and meowing loudly. This sound is not a typical meow, but a more intense and high-pitched one.

Why does my cat carry around a toy and meow? What are they trying to tell us?

If you’re asking this to yourself then keep reading as we will try to solve this melodious mystery and understand why your cat does what it does.

Why Do Cats Carry Toys and Meow?

Cats are natural predators, and they have a strong instinct to hunt and catch prey. Even if they are well-fed and pampered, they still enjoy playing with toys that resemble mice, birds, or other small animals.

Why Do Cats Carry Toys and Meow

Sometimes, they may carry their toys around and meow loudly, as if they are proud of their catch and want to share it with you or other cats. This is a way of displaying their hunting prowess and satisfying their primal urges.

However, not all cats carry toys and meow because of their hunting instinct. Some cats may do this because they are bored or lonely, and they want to get your attention or play with you.  

They may see their toys as their friends or companions, and they may carry them around and meow to show you how much they love them. 

Sometimes, cats carry toys and meow when they’re stressed or anxious. If your cat is suddenly doing this, it’s important to take a look at their environment and see if there’s anything that’s causing them stress.

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Is It Linked to Their Ancestral Hunting Instincts?

Cats are descendants of wild cats, who had to hunt for their survival. Even though domestic cats have been living with humans for thousands of years, they still retain some of their natural behaviors and skills.

So, does meowing with carrying a toy in mouth have a connection to the cat’s ancestral hunting instinct? Yes!! They have a strong drive to chase, catch, and kill prey which runs through their genes. 

However, domestic cats do not need to hunt for food, as they are provided with regular meals by their owners. They also do not face many threats from other animals, as they live in safe and comfortable homes.

Therefore, their hunting instinct is not satisfied by their daily routine. To compensate for this, they may play with toys that resemble their natural prey, such as mice, feathers, or balls, carry them all around and meow loudly, as if they are mimicking their wild ancestors.

How Does Meowing While Carrying Toys Serve Communication and Interaction?

How Does Meowing While Carrying Toys Serve Communication and Interaction

Meowing while carrying toys is a way for cats to communicate and interact with their owners or other cats. As they are social animals, they use different sounds and body language to express their feelings and intentions.

Meowing is one of the most common and versatile vocalizations that cats use to convey various messages, such as greeting, requesting, protesting, or warning. 

Here are some possibilities of communication and interaction purposes-

  • To get attention. When a cat meows while carrying a toy, they’re essentially saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m playing! Play with me!” This is a common way for cats to get their owners’ attention and encourage them to play.
  • To show affection. Cats are also very affectionate creatures, and they may carry their toys around as a way of showing their owners that they love and trust them. This is especially common in cats who have a strong bond with their owners.
  • To teach you how to hunt. Mother cats often teach their kittens how to hunt by bringing them dead or injured prey. If your pets carry a toy like mice, around and meows, they may be trying to teach you how to hunt, too. 

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  • To express excitement. Cats often meow when they’re excited, and this can also be the case when they’re carrying toys. If a cat is carrying a toy and meowing excitedly, it’s likely that they’re just really enjoying themselves and want to share their excitement with their owner.

However, cats can meow or yowl with a toy in their mouth to warn you to stay away from their toy, or assert their ownership over it. 

The meaning of the meow or yowl depends on the tone, pitch, volume, and duration of the sound, as well as the context and the cat’s personality.

So, owners should learn to understand their cat’s meows by observing their behavior and body language, and responding accordingly. Like if they meow softly and gently, it may be showing affection and trust. On the other hand, if it’s loud and urgent, then it’s playtime with your furball. 

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Does It Reflect Territorial Behavior?

Cats are territorial animals, and they mark their territory with different methods, such as scratching, spraying, rubbing, or vocalizing. They do this to establish their boundaries, secure their resources, and deter intruders.

When cats carry toys and meow, they may be marking their territory with their scent and sound. They may consider their toys as part of their territory, and they may want to protect them from other cats or animals.

Sometimes, cats can yowl when playing. They may also want to show off their toys to other cats or animals, as a way of demonstrating their dominance or superiority.

Can Meowing While Carrying Toys Be an Emotional Outlet?

Just like we humans let out a sigh or two when we’re feeling a certain way, our feline friends have their own way of letting their emotions out. That heartstring-tugging meow? It could very well be an emotional release valve. 

Maybe they’re feeling particularly attached to that toy, or maybe they just need to let off some steam after a long day of napping and grooming.

For example, they may be happy or excited about their toy, and they may want to share their joy with others. 

Our little feline friend may also be sad or lonely about something else, and they may seek comfort or companionship from their toy. 

They may also be angry or fearful about something else, and they may vent their feelings or cope with stress by biting or chewing on their toy.

All of these scenarios are just a way of releasing their emotions through their mouth and toy. And sometimes they can be so dramatic that can leave you scratching your head. Ugh!!

So, the next time your cat starts belting out their meow-tune while holding their toy tight, remember – they’re sharing their emotional journey with you, one melodious note at a time. 

Does It Fulfill a Need for Mental Stimulation?

Does It Fulfill a Need for Mental Stimulation

Cats are intelligent and curious animals, and they need to exercise their brain as well as their body. They enjoy exploring, learning, and solving problems. 

They also have a short attention span, and they can get bored easily if they do not have enough variety and challenge in their environment.

When a cat carries a toy around, it’s essentially engaging in a problem-solving activity. They have to figure out how to get the toy to move, how to keep it from getting away, and how to catch it. 

This can help to keep their minds sharp and prevent boredom. Cats can be creating their own games or puzzles with their toys, and they are testing their skills or abilities.

In addition, the act of meowing can also be a form of mental stimulation for cats. When a cat meows, they’re essentially communicating with their surroundings. 

They’re telling their owners what they want or need, and they’re also interacting with their environment. This can help to keep them mentally engaged and prevent them from becoming restless or bored.

Real Stories: Cat Owners Share Their Experiences

Many cat owners have witnessed their cats carrying toys and meowing, and they have shared their stories and videos online. 

It’s like getting a backstage pass to the whimsical world of our furry friends and their toy-toting, meow-melodic ways. Let’s have a look at some examples of real cats and their owners who have experienced this behavior:

“Mimi is a black and white cat who loves to carry around a green frog toy and meow loudly. He does this after someone leaves the house, and he sounds really sad. He also does this when he is hungry or wants attention. You can watch Mimi and his frog in this video.”

There’s few videos where cats carry their favorite toys and roam around the whole house. For example this white furry cat, name Brooklyn, walking around, meowing while carrying a toy[click here to watch the video

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Closing up

Cats carry toys and meow for various reasons. This behavior is completely normal and healthy for cats, as it reflects their natural instincts and needs.

However, if the behavior becomes abnormal or excessive, it may indicate a problem that requires attention. As owners, understand and appreciate your cat’s behavior by observing, listening, and responding to their meows and actions.

By doing so, you can enhance your bond with your cat and enjoy their unique personality and quirks.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about your cat’s behavior. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear from you and your cat.

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