Why Does My Cat Want To Go Outside So Bad – 4 reasons why!

Ever found your lil’ kitty staring longingly out the window or scratching the door as if they have a strong urge to go in the wild? So, Why Does My Cat Want To Go Outside So Bad?

Cats are feeling bored inside the house. They want to explore the world beyond their home. It’s like they are done with their indoor discovering session, and now it’s time for them to roam outside for new adventures.

But as a cat parent, you might be hesitating for letting your small curios tiger outside, thinking it can be risky. 

Why Does My Cat Want To Go Outside So Bad

Keep reading as we are going to dive into the depth of the reasons why cats keep wanting to go outside, how you can make their journey safe and less stressful for you.  

Reasons why does a cat want to go outside so badly

My perfectly contented, happy kitty who enjoyed the comforts of indoors, suddenly started meowing and pawing at the door, trying to tell me, “let me go outside, human!”. 

It’s not just my cat who wants to go outside; this is a common scenario for all cat owners. So, let’s find out the reasons that are attracting them like a magnet to go out.

The Call of the Wild

For those of us who are explorers or like to explore, we spend most of our time outdoors rather than indoors. Meanwhile, our cats are born explorers. They have a strong instinct to roam and discover new territories. 

So, when our cats want to go outside so badly, it’s because they want to satisfy their curiosity and adventure-seeking nature. 

Boredom and Poor Enrichment 

Every animal needs mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Cats are no exception. Lack of mental and physical activity or stimulation can create indoors into a monotonous environment. 

If they don’t have enough toys, games, or interaction indoors, they might get bored and restless. They might want to go outside to find new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

Reasons why does a cat want to go outside so badly

In-Heat Cat

If your cat is not spayed or neutered, they might want to go outside to find a mate. This is especially true for female cats who are in heat, which means they are ready to reproduce. 

They might meow loudly, rub against objects, or try to escape to attract male cats. Same goes for male cats. If he senses or smells any in-heat feline, he’ll keep trying to go outside.  

Spotting A Prey

Those natural hunters love to chase and catch prey. If they spot any prey, whether it’s animal or items, they will keep meowing and pawing at the door to let them out. 

Also, cats might want to go outside to hunt for birds, mice, or other small animals. When they hear or see any potential prey outside the door or window, they get excited to hunt them down. 

Is It Safe To Let Your Cat Roam Freely Outdoors?

Yeah, we know sometimes cats go crazy to go outside just to satisfy their urge. But will it be safe for them to roam outdoors? Well, the answer is not simple. 

It’s true letting your little tiger go outside can be beneficial for them. Like they can explore, fulfill their hunting instincts, adventure seeking nature, and yeah , find new mates.

But roaming outdoors can be also risky for them, like safety issues, health risks, or they can adapt to wildlife and never want to be an indoor cat. Definitely, we don’t want this situation. Not only that, what if they got lost or someone took them?  

Thinking that gives goosebumps, right? Well, there are a few pros and cons of letting an indoor cat outside (click here to watch). So, should cats be allowed outside? As a cat parent, I don’t think the outside world is safe for my kitty.  

Many of you may think it is cruel to not let a cat outside, it’s being mean to our cat, but trust me, it’s our care and love for our dear companion.

Do you know that outdoor access for our cats is a controversial topic? Just as giving them access to the outdoors is associated with a number of welfare concerns, it also has some welfare benefits for cats for performing their natural behaviors. 

What Are The Risks And Concerns Of Letting Cats Go Outside

It can be fun for our fur babies to go outside, whether it’s day or at night. But it’s worrisome for us. Let’s see what risks factors or concern are associated with giving permission to them for outing-

What Are The Risks And Concerns Of Letting Cats Go Outside


The outside world can be full of dangers for our felines. Including traffic, predators and various environmental hazards. So, if you let your cat out, especially without supervision, it can put them at significant risk. 

Health Risk

You know, outdoor cats are more susceptible to diseases, parasites, and injuries. They can contract diseases from contact with other animals, ingest poisonous plants, or suffer injuries during fights or accidents.

Getting Lost

Cats who go outside may wander too far from home and get lost or disoriented. It’s become hard for them to find their way back, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area or if there are obstacles or barriers that prevent them from returning. 

I remember, this incident happened to one of my friend’s cats, Riko. He often goes out and wanders around. But one day he could not be found. Everyone assumed he was lost. But luckily he was found after 2 days. 

According to a survey, only 74% of lost cats were found within one year, and only 15% of them were found by their owners.

Picked Up by Unknown

Sometimes, people from animal welfare can pick up your cat if he/she is found in the road, warding, assuming it’s a stray cat. They may be taken to shelters, where they may be euthanized if they are not claimed or adopted. 

They may also be sold to laboratories, where they may be used for experiments or testing, may also be stolen by cat thieves, who may use them for breeding, fighting, or fur. 

Predator Attack  

The most risky factor is being attacked by predators. Such as coyotes, foxes, hawks, or owls. These predators may see cats as prey or competitors, and may try to kill or injure them. 

According to a study, predation was the second most common cause of death for outdoor cats, accounting for 18.5% of the cases.

How To Stop A Cat From Wanting To Go Outdoors

Wondering how to stop cats wanting to go outside? While you can’t completely change your cat’s natural instincts, you can try some strategies to make them more content with staying indoors.

How To Stop A Cat From Wanting To Go Outdoors

Provide Adequate Enrichment 

One of the main reasons why cats want to go outside is because they are bored and lack stimulation indoors. You can prevent this by providing your cat with a variety of toys, games, and activities that can keep them entertained and challenged. 

You can also rotate the toys regularly to prevent boredom and introduce new ones occasionally to spark their interest. Give them puzzle feeders, interactive toys, catnip toys, or feather toys.

Make Indoor Like Outdoor

Outdoors sights, sounds, smells, and sensations make our cats more curious to explore. You can mimic some of these elements indoors by creating a cat-friendly space. It’ll allow your cat to enjoy the natural environment by staying indoors. 

Install a cat tree, a scratching post, a window perch, or a bird feeder near the window. You can also plant some cat-safe plants, such as cat grass, catnip, or mint, that can provide your cat with fresh greens and aromas. 

How To Stop A Cat From Wanting To Go Outdoors

Take Your Cat For Walk 

If your cat wants to stay outside all the time, keep showing eagerness, then consider taking them for a walk. This can be a safe and fun way to let your cat explore the outside world under your supervision and control. 

However, choose a quiet and safe area to walk your cat, and avoid busy streets, loud noises, or other animals that might scare or harm your cat. 

Watch this here a cat enthusiast shares insights on How to Stop a Cat From Wanting to go Outside.

How Can You Ensure Your Cat’s Safety Outside

So, you’ve decided to let your cat go outside? Well then, make sure to take some precautions to ensure their safety and well-being. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

Supervised Outdoor Time

One of the simplest and safest ways to secure their outdoor exploring is to supervise them while they are outside. Stay close to your cat and watch them as they explore, play, or relax. 

Microchipping and Identification

The best and ideal way to protect your cat outside is to microchip them and provide them with identification tags that contain your cat’s name. 

A microchip is a small device that is implanted under your cat’s skin, which contains a unique code that can be scanned by a vet or a shelter. 

Microchipping and attaching tags in the collar, these methods, can help you reunite with your cat if they get lost or separated from you. 

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How Can You Ensure Your Cat’s Safety Outside

Catios and Enclosures

A catio is a way to make your patio or balcony safe for your cat. It is covered with a net or a wire, so your cat can breathe the fresh air and see the outside without running away or getting hurt.

Moreover, you can turn your yard into an enclosure for your cat.  Just like catio, creating an enclosure can provide your cat with more space and freedom to roam and play. 

These structures can be customized with various features, such as shelves, tunnels, hammocks, or toys, to make them more fun and comfortable for your cat.

Using Lash or Harness

If you want to take your cat for a walk outside, you should use a leash or a harness that fits them well and securely. These tools can give you more control over your cat’s movements and prevent them from running away or getting into trouble. 

However, not all cats are used to wearing a leash or a harness. So, you should train them gradually and patiently before taking them outside. 

Stroller or Carrier

Final option for your cat’s safety outdoors is to use a stroller or a carrier that is designed for cats. These can provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place to sit or lie down while you push or carry them around. 

Furthermore, this can be useful if your cat is elderly, disabled, or anxious about being outside. However, make sure that your cat is comfortable being in a stroller or a carrier before taking them outside. 

You should also check the weather and the temperature before going out, and avoid extreme heat or cold that might affect your cat’s health.


There can be a lot of reasons why your cat always wants to go outside. But the most important thing you can do is provide enough enrichment indoors.

And make sure of their safety outside. Follow our guidance and make your cute pet more happy and safe.

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