Cats vs Dogs Debate | Why are cats better than dogs?

Which one is better? Cats or dogs? Oh yeah, that’s a common debatable topic between dog and cat lovers! 

This worldwide debate seems to divide the world of pets into two parts. Dog owners think that their pets are far better than cats. Like they don’t require any litter box like cats, more active and fun lovers. But things are totally the opposite for cat owners. They think having cats as a pet is a blessing. Besides these little creatures are amazing healers for their owner’s mental health.

Every owner wants to prove the best of their pets, with their own logics and opinions. In this great battle of arguments, both pets are better in their own ways. But there are some facts which make cats better than dogs.

Self-grooming is one of the main reasons they are better. Cats are very careful about staying nice and clean. Apart from that, cats are highly independent, easy to care for, and can be easily trained. Compared to dogs, they require less space to live in and cost less to maintain.

So, if you are a dog-lover, I can say this blog is going to change your mind about considering those little adorable animals! 

Well, let’s start our journey then!

Cats are self-dependent 

As cat owners, we know that cats are generally more independent than dogs. These domestic animals can handle their own in their owner’s absence. Cats can entertain themselves, and prefer to live indoors whereas dogs become restless and start to feel lonely after their owner leaves home for work. Dogs require a lot of attention and time, sometimes even more endearment. Where you don’t have to endure the guilt of paying less attention to your feline friends.

Some people prefer dogs because they are more social and interactive. That means most of the day you need to spend more time with your dogs. Suppose you are really exhausted after having a busy day and are in no mood to have a walk or play fetch with your dog. You need something to relax your mind and Voilà! Cats surprisingly have the ability to calm your stressful mind! 

Moreover, cats can understand if their owner wants some personal space. Especially when you need peace and quiet after having a long day, your feline friend will give you that space. Even though you are sharing a room with your cat. But dogs are just fun loving creatures, they don’t even understand the concept of personal space

Cats are not keen for your continual attention, or regular play. Even they don’t seek their owner’s protection or safety, as they can easily manage their own. On the other hand, dogs are highly reliant on their human friend! 

Cats require less space than dogs

Have you ever tried to sleep with your full-grown dog in the same bed? Oh, they really do need quite a lot of space!

If you just think of their size, it is obvious that cats require less space than a dog does. Compared to their belongings like beds, toys, exercise equipment, and other essentials, dogs actually need a lot of space. Therefore, they do require a specific room to stay in comfortably. Aside from that, cats prefer a small space to squeeze in, as they feel safer. Though they dont require any extra room, you can just set up everything in a small place anywhere you want. Cats can even fit in your small room, isn’t that amazing! 

Dogs are highly active creatures and spend most of their time outside. They require regular walking according to their exercise needs. But for working people like us, it is really tough for us to spend that much time with our pets! On the other hand, cats prefer to stay indoors. All they want is your warm lap and pet them. 

You may think that they are less active or don’t need any exercise, but my friend, cats do need exercise to stimulate their mental health. Otherwise, they will get bored and become less active. When you are not around, cats can do this on their own. Cats just don’t bother their hooman friend to spend a lot of time playing with them or exercising outdoors. They are just naturally less desirous than dogs. As a result, it may help you in making a small effort to get your furry pets moving.

Having cats as pets can be really beneficial for those people who intend to live in small apartments or homes. Cats don’t crave for a lot of space. In as much as you provide them with necessities such as a soft and warm bed to sleep on, a litter box, and other feeding supplies. And I’m pretty much sure that will make your small friend happy and comfortable to live with you.

Comparing cats vs dogs maintenance and care

dog vs cat Maintenance and Care
dog vs cat Maintenance and Care

Well, another main reason why cats are better dogs is their maintenance. Cats require less maintenance compared to dogs. For example, their training, grooming, and feeding are areas where dogs require more attention. Cats don’t need any professional training or to be taken out numerous times in a day. Besides, cats are able to take care of themselves when it comes to self-cleaning.

If we talk about the cost of owning a cat vs a dog, then it is undoubtedly true that cats are real money savers! They cost $300 to $3,100 depending on their adoption fee, essentials like toys, litter boxes, bedding and other equipment. As well as their annual expenses including their food and medical check-up. On the other hand, dogs costing range start from $500 to $4,500. Oh boy, that’s a lot of dimes!

Like any other pet, you have to spend money while taking care of cats. But fortunately, it won’t cost you that much. Because cats tend to be less expensive since they are smaller creatures, and they do not require as much food as dogs. 

If you are a dog person, you know how long it takes to groom them. They can even go for days without taking a bath. oh no, that’s definitely not a hygiene thing! On the contrary, if you notice you will see that cats spend most of the time licking their furry body. Besides, they trim their coats by scratching them with a solid surface. So you don’t have to worry about their tidiness. And it proves that our feline friends are better at self-grooming than dogs. 


In the end, it is undeniable that cats are easy to care for, more affordable, and require less effort than dogs. They are self-sufficient, need less space and food. They also help you to calm your mind and restore your energy. 

So I think having a cat as a pet is way better than having a dog. Despite being adorable, they are well-behaved and intelligent animals. Moreover, if you are not a noise-loving person, then definitely having a cat is like peace. Because the sound of their meowing and purring is much quieter and cute. 

Apart from my opinion, I believe you have some different thoughts about our feline friends! Please let us know if our blog has changed even the slightest perspective about considering these lovable animals as pets. 

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