Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things

Have you ever seen cats come out of nowhere and jump on your leg while you were minding your own business? It is a very common scenario for cat owners because cats have keen hearing abilities that allow them to hear at a higher pitch than humans. They have ultrasonic hearing. Also, they can differentiate tones and pitches much better. Cats feel a strange attraction to crinkly things when they make sounds. These types of things are plastic bags, food wrappers, paper, aluminum foil, and crinkle toys. Cats are drawn to crinkly objects in the same way that moths are drawn to flames.

Crinkly things trigger the hunting instinct of cats. because they mimic the sound and size that are similar to their prey in bushes and leaves.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how cats naturally develop an interest in crinkly objects, why they like them, and how you can integrate them as your pet’s playmates. Continue reading with patience—

Understanding cat behavior

Although cats are social animals; when we look at their ancestry and behavior, we discover them as predatory animals. They eventually develop superior speed for their predatory instincts.

Have you ever noticed that your cat responds to mice, crickets and bird sounds? The only reason for responding is high pitched noise. Cats have excellent hearing abilities. As a result, they are three times more sensitive to loud noises than humans. This means they can hear ultrasonic waves so much that they even respond to light sounds. 

Cats have 24 whiskers, which are located on the upper side of the mouth, above the eyes, around the ears, and on the forelegs. These distinctive hairs aid them in transmitting information to their brain. When sound waves pass through sensitive hair, it vibrates, indicating the presence of objects. However, cats’ paws can absorb sound. Because the paws contain sensitive receptors that detect vibration.

Again, cats are excellent hunters due to their keen sense of touch and hearing. As they react quickly to suspicious movements in their surroundings. 

By seeing a prey, cats suddenly change their body language.  They crouch and move slowly toward it, making no sound. They play with their prey after catching it. They pounce, release the prey, and then pounce again.

The reason why cats like crinkly things

Have you ever unwrapped a gift or opened a shopping bag when suddenly your cats appear and start playing with it? Why do cats do that? This is a common question among cat owners. So let’s dive into the reason—

  1. Texture and sound: the texture and sound of the paper or bag are the primary causes of this behavior. Cats are drawn to crinkly objects because their movement makes unusual sounds. It awakens their inner hunter. Although your cats live indoors, this does not mean they have lost touch with their wild side. Even the most well behaved cats have wild instincts.
  2. Mark objects: Another reason is that when they hear a crinkly sound, according to their territorial nature, they try to put their scent on that object.
  3. Draw attention: If you do not respond to their meowing, they may use objects to make crinkly sounds to get your attention.
  4. Explore new things: Crinkly things allow them to experience different scents and unusual textures. As a result, they generate interest in this type of object. 
  5. Satisfying sound: The sound of crinkly things is satisfying to your buddy’s ears. It soothes their minds.
  6. Ultrasonic hearing: they enjoy the sounds of stepping on crinkly things. Because cats can hear ultrasonic waves, the noise of a crinkling object piques their interest.
  7. Comfortable beds: Crinkly things make comfortable beds for your pets because plastic bags, wrappers, and paper insulate heat, allowing them to sleep in a warmer spot.

You can spend hours watching your cats’ unusual behavior. However, not every crinkle sound is good. Certain sounds can be pretty harmful to your cats. Because of the noise your cats may have seizures. Some of the sounds are the noise of clinking coins, tin foil, clanging spoons, clanging pots and the conflicted sound of metals on ceramic. It can be so unpleasant to them because the loudness may physically distress your pet.

Crinkly objects, on the other hand, are not appealing to all cats. Some cats are easily startled by these objects in their environment. When they hear a crinkly sound, they become cautious and prepare for danger.

Including crinkly things in your cats’ playtime

Including crinkly things in your cats’ playtime
include crinkly things in your cats play time

Indoor cats have more free time than outdoor cats, as they often lead a monotonous life because they don’t have to hunt. They engage in a variety of unwanted activities or incidents in addition to sleeping and eating to pass the time. Allowing the cats to play with these objects can keep depression and anxiety at bay. You can use crinkly materials in training and interactive play to make your cat active. Let us see how you can add crinkly things to your pet’s playtime: 

  • The ball is perfect because it easily draws the attention of your pets as it is lightweight, easy to spin, and easy to flip around.
  • The catnip-infused fabric is ideal for growing cats’ interest in crinkly things. As the catnip has a unique sweet and minty smell. It’s an excellent method for assisting your cats in reducing exploration, anxiety and tension.
  • If your cats like to play fetch, then you can use this type of object for fetching.
  • If you give your pets an artificial mimic animal as a toy, such as a mouse, cockroach, or lizard, they will begin to play automatically.
  • To draw the attention of the cats, make the movements of the toy realistic.

All things have their pros and cons, and this crinkly thing is no exception. To avoid accidents, you should ensure the proper size of objects. If the object is too big, the cats may get injured. If the object is too small, there are chances your pets may swallow it. Soft fabric objects are the best choice. As they can easily grab soft objects. Keep in mind that the crinkle product doesn’t include any harmful ingredients or compounds that can cause allergy symptoms. 

We often overlook playing with our furry partner, but it is the best tool to train and socialize cats, as well as keep them busy. This is a very useful item for your cats, as it provides exercise and mental stimulation.


Cats, despite being social animals, have a natural affinity for hunting, though they are social animals. Even though they are not hungry, they seek prey.  

When feline pals hear the crinkly sounds, they become more affectionate. As a result, they rush to interact with whatever  object is nearby. No owner could separate them, so neither should you. Keep crinkly things and your cat together to give their story a happy ending. So, include crinkly things in your pet’s playground. 

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