How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With

If you are a cat person, you know how picky a cat can be!! Like starting from their toys, food, or even the person they want to cuddle with. These amazing and mysterious creatures have their own preferences and habits, and that includes where and with whom they like to sleep.

Cats spend most of the time napping, and you may have observed that they have different criteria for choosing their sleeping spot. One of the most common questions we get from cat owners is how cats pick who to sleep with. Well, your friends at The CatFlix are here to tell you everything about it, and other factors that you may need to know. So, let’s begin…… 

Why do cats seek companionship while sleeping?

Do you know that if you sleep with your loved ones, their presence will help you to sleep faster and reduce all of your stress? Amazing, isn’t it! If you notice, you will see that kids feel relaxed, calm and doze peacefully with the presence of their parents.

Cats are no exception. Yeah, it’s true that they are independent and most of the time prefer their own company, but sometimes this aloof creature also seeks companionship while napping. 

But why do they do that? Well, despite being brave, and great hunters, or “need nobody” type, cats still have a vulnerable side that is hidden inside them, especially during sleeping. When they try to snooze, they want their favorite person’s presence around them. It makes them feel protected, comfortable, and loved.  

Furthermore, cats love lounging in warm places. Therefore, sleeping with someone they prefer is the easiest and coziest for them to stay warm.

Because of that, sometimes you may find your feline lurking under the covers, dozing peacefully. But wait, is it safe for cats to sleep under blankets?? Find that out with just one click !!   

How Do Cats Choose Who to Sleep With?

Now that we’ve established that even the most self-dependent of cats need a nap partner. It’s not like that they will snooze with anybody. They have their own preference of choosing whom to sleep with, either with their owner, or their littermate.

Once Kristen Cast said, “Cats choose us, we don’t own them.” so, how do they do that? Hmm… it’s not that easy to answer. 

Can cats choose humans over other cats?

  • The Cat & Human Connection: 

Usually, cats prefer to sleep next to their human companion over other cats. There are some factors that influence a cat’s preference for napping with their owner. Such as comfort or contentment, warmth, familiarity, human interactions and so forth. 

So, when your cat chooses to sleep next to you, it means your side is the coziest, safest, and warm spot for them to doze. 

  • Building Trust and Affection: 

Another reason your pet may pick you is because of the special and strong relationship between you and your cat. They often seek their owner’s company when they are anxious or stressed.

By building trust and affection with your cat, you can create a special place in their heart which makes them feel safe and loved. It’s like the bond you share with your cats is just as special as those you share with friends.

Do cats have preferred sleeping spots?

You know how notorious cats can be for sleeping anywhere, like cardboard boxes, couches, closets, or on your face. Yeah, they do have preferred spots to take a nap. How do they choose them? While selecting a sleeping spot, cats prefer three things, Comfort, Safety, and Familiarity. 

Based on these key elements, I think you probably guess where your kitty’s favorite sleeping areas are in your home. For example, your pet may love to sleep on your bed, as it is much more comfortable, warm, and has the scent of yours. Or maybe on your lap while you are working, as it makes them feel safe, in ease, and most importantly what could be a better spot for your feline to sleep than you? 

What role does scent play in a cat’s sleeping preference?

Cats have a strong sense of smell. They use it for different purposes like hunting, communicating, bonding, and others. Smell also plays an important role in how cats choose their sleeping companion, whether they are other pets or humans. 

As they are sensitive to sound and odor, your feline can pick up on your snores, scents, and so on. Your smell might also make your kitty feel more close and connected to you, and hence protected. Moreover, they also use their accent to establish familiarity.

Whenever your pet rubs their face or body against you, they leave their unique scent and mark them as familiar. Therefore, whether it’s your fragrance or theirs, it soothes your pets and makes them comfortable to sleep.

Can cats choose to sleep with other animals?

Canine Companions or Feline Friends: 

So far, we talked about how to choose a human companion while sleeping. What about their feline friends or other pets?? Yeah, some cats enjoy sleeping with other animals, whether it’s dogs, rabbits, or even their own clan.

Yet, not all cats are keen on sharing their napping place with others. But if all of your pets show positive interaction and mutual comfort, they may choose to sleep together. 

Nurturing Harmonious Relationships: 

If you have other pets along with your cat, it’s important to help them to establish a friendly bond with each other. Cats can be stressed or anxious due to the presence of a new animal, so make sure to gradually introduce them.

Let them get familiar and comfortable with each other’s presence, show mutual respect, and behave non-aggressively. Otherwise, it not only makes them sleep separately, but can also create WW3 in your home. 

Understanding a Cat’s Body Language When Choosing a Sleeping Companion

If your cat wants to sleep with you, they will try to express that by their body language, and it’s critical to understand those cues. For that, you have to recognize their desire to sleep with you.

How can owners recognize a cat’s desire to sleep with them?

1. Decoding Cat Communication: 

They have different ways of expressing their interest in napping with their owner. Some of them may be more direct and vocal, while others may be more subtle and silent. So, it’s your duty to decode their way of communication.

Such as, if your tabby kneads your bed or blanket, it can be a sign that they want to cuddle with you and snooze. Purring, nuzzling, curling up into your lap can also indicate their desire to sleep with you.

2. Reading the Signals: 

The second thing you need to do is read your cat’s body language cues that indicate trust and affection. So, how can you read those signals?

If your pet makes eye contact with you and blink slowly, it means they are comfortable around you. Moreover, exposing their vulnerable parts, like their belly, also indicates that they trust you completely and want your affection. 

What should owners do to encourage or discourage a cat’s choice?

1. Creating a Welcoming Sleep Environment: 

If you want your little furball to snooze with you more often, then there are some things you can do to make them feel more comfortable and welcome in your bed. Including, providing a cozy place to doze off, keeping your bedroom quiet, and others. You can also put their sleeping bed or other spot like a cat tree into your room.   

2. Respecting Boundaries: 

Some cats like to have some personal space and privacy, and may prefer to sleep alone. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it just means that they have different likings. So don’t force them to sleep with you if they don’t want to.

Instead, try to understand and adapt their preference, respect their boundaries, and observe if they are comfortable in their personal space. 

Tips for strengthening the bond when sleeping with your cat

Creating a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment

1. Sweet Dreams: Try to optimize their bedding and other accessories for your cat’s sleep. Put some fluffy blankie or smooth mat in their sleeping spot. You can also place food and water bowls beside their bed, some toys, and treats for them to play or snack on before or after a nap. 

2. Temperature, Lighting, and Noise: Set the stage for restful feline slumber. Make sure the room temperature is not too hot or cold for them. Adjust the thermostat, use a fan or heater, or you can add or remove the bedding layers as needed.

Avoid playing loud music, bright lights when your cat is trying to sleep. You can use curtains or blinds to block out the external light source or noise. 

Establishing a routine and quality time

1. Catnaps and Quality Time: Cats are creatures of habits and like routine. They have different sleep cycles than humans, as they spend 16 hours napping whether it’s day or night. It doesn’t mean they don’t need to spend some time with their favorite hooman. So, whenever they invite you to play, cuddle, or nap, join them and spend some quality time with your cat. 

2. Bonding Activities: Dozing off with them is not the only way to bond with them. You can engage with other activities like petting, grooming, watching Tom and Jerry together, feeding, exercising and so on. These will feel them being loved, appreciated, which will strengthen your emotional bonding with them.  

Even most animal behaviorists advise that the best way to bond with your cats is to figure out what they like and enjoy, then do that thing. So, what are you waiting for ? Find out and build a strong bond with your feline like a steel.  

To Wrap Up

Cats are selective about who they sleep with, and they may have different reasons for choosing their sleeping partners. Some cats may prefer those who are calm, warm, or smell good, while others may seek comfort, security, or bonding.

Whatever the reason, you can feel honored if your cat chooses to sleep with you. It means they trust you and love you so much. 

We are at the end of our journey. Now it’s your turn. If you have any opinion or story to tell us about your cat’s sleeping preference, then let us know in the comments below, and share this post with your cat lovers friends. 

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