Is it safe for cats to sleep under blankets?

Do you know that cats spend 12 to 16 hours (on average) a day sleeping?? It’s no secret that our felines have mastered the art of napping. They have two jobs in their life: one is grooming, and another one is sleeping. And cats’ favorite place to sleep is their owner’s bed. Sometimes it happens that while sleeping at night, you feel a warm presence under the blanket, either on your leg or near your lap. When you wake up and see that it is none other than your pet cat. Phew….

But wait!!! Is it safe for cats to sleep under this blanket?? Should we encourage this behavior or be cautious about potential risks? Don’t worry cat lovers, in this article we will discuss it thoroughly along with their safety and comfort. So, let’s start the journey then…

Why do cats like sleeping under blankets?

Before we make our decision whether it’s safe for cats to sleep under the covers or not, it’s important to know what’s the reason behind their fondness for squeezing under blankets. Here are some possible reason-

  1. Exploring a cat’s natural instincts

The first reason behind this behavior is their natural instincts. You know how curious and playful creatures cats are!! They love to play hide and seek with their mates or owners. And their favorite hiding spot is under the blanket. When you’re tired of looking for your cat, they’re taking a short break under that blanket.

  1. Seeking warmth and comfort

There are few living beings who doesnt want some warmy and cozy feeling during their nap time. Cars are no exception. Snuggling up under the soft blanket can be the perfect place for them to find both and snooze. 

  1. Creating a safe and secure environment

Another reason why cats like sleeping under blankets is because it creates a safe and secure environment for them. When cats feel anxious or fear, they seek an isolated area to hide and relax. Under the blanket is the safest location for them, as it has their favorite person’s scent that soothes their nerves, make them feel at ease. Besides, you know sleep comes when you feel comfortable and relaxed, right !   

Is it safe for cats to sleep under blankets?

So, you got an idea why your little mouser prefers to doze under your cozy blanket. Now let’s come to the main topic: is it safe for your cats to sleep under blankets? 

Well, if your pets are feeling comfortable and warm under the covers, have enough air to breath, and not experiencing other issues then yes it’s safe for them.  

But wait wait, before you let your feline take a nap under your blanket you need to assess if there are any potential risks associated with that, consider some factors and maintain a few safety precautions. 

Assessing potential risks

  • Overheating and suffocation concerns: The first thing you need to assess if there are any potential dangers for your cat while sleeping under the blanket. Such as overheating or suffocation issues. 
  • Allergies and respiratory issues: Some cats may be allergic to the material or fibers of the blankets. Such as wool, fleece or synthetic materials. These can cause them sneezing, wheezing or breathing difficulty. Moreover, cats with asthma – your cozy cover is a big NO-NO as it can trigger an under attack for them!

Factors to consider

  • The cat’s age, health, and breed: Kittens, sick cats, or long-haired breeds are more vulnerable to sleeping under the covers. But if your tabby is a short-haired supercat then you can let him lurk for a few moments below the quilt. 

By the way, do you know that long-haired cats are more prone to fleas?? Yikes !! To get rid of those pesky parasites from their beautiful fur, read this article “how to get rid of fleas on long haired cats” and say good-bye to these lil’ enemies of cats. 

  • Temperature and climate: Another factor you should consider is the weather condition and climate. If it’s freezing outside, then nothing is more comfy and secure than your lap, while wrapping in the duvet.  

Safety precautions

  • Using breathable blankets or fabrics: Now to confirm their safety during snoozing beneath the quilt, make sure they are light, thin and breathable. Additionally, the fabrics of the covers are washable, and suitable for your cat. 
  • Providing alternative cozy spots: Another way to ensure their safety is to provide alternative cozy spots where they can doze without being under the blankets. Remember, sleeping under the blankets is not necessarily bad for your cat, as long as you are aware of the risks and take precautions to prevent them.

Signs that your cat may enjoy sleeping under blankets

You know that cats love comfort and always find a cozy place to rest or sleep, either it’s on your pillow,  under your soft blanket, or above your face. Weirdo!! Speaking of blankets, how can you tell if your cat is a fan of sleeping under those? Here we’ve discussed some behavioral and physical cues to help you understand.  

Behavioral cues

  1. Nesting behavior: First behavioral cue is their nesting behavior. For example, if your cats like to sleep under the blanket, they will paw at it, fluff it down, or drag it around to their comfortable area or spot. 
  1. Kneading or “making biscuits”: Another cue is that they will knead the blankie like dough, as if they are preparing to bake some delicious cookies for you. They often do this before sleeping or to mark their territory. It’s a sign that your covers now belong to them and are among their favorite things.

Physical cues

  1. Warmth seeking behavior: Cats are naturally drawn to warm places, especially if its cold weather. They may cuddle up with you under the covers to seek warmth and insulation and enjoy the cozy feeling.
  1. Contented and relaxed body language: And finally their body language. If you notice that your cat seems contended and relaxed while dozing beneath the blanket then it’s a sign they are enjoying it. 

Can sleeping under blankets cause suffocation or overheating?

Well, as cats don’t sweat like humans, they can easily overheat under the blanket, especially if it’s heavy or thick. They can also get tangled or trapped due to its heaviness, which may cause them suffocation. 

Here are some tips that will help to find out whether your kitty is okay or not below the quilt-

Observing your cat’s behavior while under a blanket:

First of all, observe their behavior while under a blanket. Do they seem relaxed and content, or do they show signs of anxiety or discomfort? If you notice any restlessness in them due to staying under it for too long, then it could be a sign that they are starting to feel suffocation. 

Regularly checking for signs of overheating or distress:

Next, regularly check if there are any signs of overheating or distress. Because overheating can cause dehydration, heatstroke, or even death. So make sure to watch your kitty. If you feel they are overheated then you should remove the blanket and cool your cat down with water or a fan. 

Consulting with a vet if any concerns arise:

And finally, seek professional help. So, when should you seek vet help? Look for some signs like –

  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Redness of the ears or tongue
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures

If you notice any of these signs, consult with any nearby veterinarian. They will start immediate treatment for your cat, and give you some medication and advise on whether your cat is suitable for sleeping under blankets or not. Moreover they will provide you some guidance on how to maintain their well-being.  

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What are the alternatives to blanket sleeping for cats?

Is there anything in our lives that we can’t find an alternative for if we look hard enough? Someone is always researching to find or create some alternative to fill the gap of anything that is useful in our lives. If you think blanket sleeping is too risky for your little furball or if your cat is more picky than other felines, then blanket alternatives are more important to you than anyone else. 

Now that you know whether it’s safe to let your cat sleep under blankets and what to do if they experience any problem, let’s explore some alternatives to give your cat a life full of comfort without lurking under the covers.

  1. Providing heated pet beds or mats: An easy and simple alternative to your blankie is heated pet beds or mats. They are designed to keep your cat comfortable without causing them to overheat. Additionally they have thermostats that regulate the temperature, and are easy to wash.
  1. Using safe warming pads or blankets specially made for cats: Then you can use warming pads or blankets which are specially made for cats. They are different from human’s one like electric blankets as it can be dangerous for your felines. These safe warming pads or blankets are filled with some materials(e.g, rice, buckwheat, or wheat) that retains heat and will stay warm for several hours, providing enough warmth to your cat. 
  1. Creating cozy hiding spots with soft bedding: And finally, the easiest and affordable alternative is creating cozy spots with soft and warm bedding. You can make their hiding places including cardboard boxes, baskets, or pillowcases by adding some soft bedding, such as fleece, flannel, or cotton. You can also use some of your old clothes or towels. It will make them feel more close to you, safe and comfortable to sleep. 

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, your cat’s comfort and safety are what matter most. By understanding your cat’s behavior and body language, assessing the situation, using alternatives to blanket sleeping, and seeking veterinary advice when needed, you can help ensure that your furry friend sleeps well and stays healthy.

We appreciate you taking the time to read through this article and hope it has been both informative and engaging. Do you have any additional tips for cat sleeping habits? Please leave them in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow cat lovers. 

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